The FFF Podcast – By Luke Chadwick

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Having a podcast is something we have spoken about at the FFF for many years and something we have dabbled with without really knowing where to take and what to do with it. That’s until a few months back when we believed the time was right to give it a right old go! Things have changed a lot at the Football Fun Factory over the last few years as the company has grown which has included a number of hugely talented people joining our team at head office. Two of these people have been Oli and Adam, our two full-time content creators and with them on board, we believe it was the right time to begin our podcast and put ourselves in a position to make it good, really good!

Now I’m a podcast veteran when it comes to appearing on podcasts and the amount I’ve appeared on must now go into the hundreds, and I’ve without doubt had some brilliant experiences both having fun and learning on them. Some have been with world-famous stars and some have been on little-known podcasts but they have all been really positive and enjoyable.

But of course, appearing on a podcast is very different from working on our own. Fortunately, I work with some extremely creative people such as James, Jonny and Oli who have been instrumental in turning the idea into a reality and despite always feeling quite nervous beforehand it has been and continues to be a hugely enjoyable experience. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy chewing the cud discussing football with a couple of mates?

On our podcast, we are endeavouring to tackle serious subjects within football but also putting a light-hearted spin on things. James, Jonny, and I all have a huge amount of experience in the game and believe we have learnt a lot throughout these experiences allowing us to be insightful and hopefully knowledgeable with our opinions. We aim to put challenging subjects on trial within our makeshift court and this has certainly led to some rather heated debates going on!

The reason for our podcast is to continue to grow our brand and give listeners and viewers the opportunity to see our true selves and gain a better understanding of our character and of course of the Football Fun Factory. We still have a long, long way to hit the top of the Spotify charts but the experience so far has been a hugely positive one and something we are really enjoying doing. Like anything we are learning along the way and as with anything in life that is always the most important thing!

You can take a listen to our Podcast, and also subscribe via the below links

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6VGfFkLkTSj2JAkZbkqYYc

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-football-fun-factory-podcast/id1717628950

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