Our Story

The Mission

Our Ethos

The Football Fun Factory was created to provide incredible childhood football experiences for boys and girls of all ages and ability levels. Our mission is to use the nation’s passion for football as a vehicle for child development. We believe that the focus should not be simply on development or progression… we should be focusing on having fun!

Our ethos is all about creating an incredible environment where children can express themselves, play, make friends and have fun!

The Founders

James Cutting created the Football Fun Factory in 2017 and was joined by Jonny Martin two years later.

Having previously worked together within a professional football club, their experiences opened the eyes of James and Jonny to the stark reality that when so few children ‘make it’ in professional football, really the focus should be on fun!​

The pair are on a mission to put the Football Fun Factory on the doorstep of children across the whole nation.

Our Superstar Head Coaches

Our ever-growing team of superstar Head Coaches at the Football Fun Factory are specialists in making football fun!

We are incredibly proud of our diverse team of coaches that inspire children across their communities to fall in love with football.

Our team are specially trained to deliver the Football Fun Factory’s truly unique football experiences.

Our Ambition

We have a huge ambition to make our fun and engaging football experiences available to all children across the UK.

​In fact, our goal is to become the World’s Leading Children’s Football Coaching Organisation. While we are committed to our aim, we are humble enough to know it is going to take time and hard work to get there.