The Journey so far – By Luke Chadwick

The journey of the Football Fun Factory has been quite a remarkable one to date, and despite all that has so far happened we are still really in our infancy. It’s hard to believe that it’s over 6 years ago now that James launched the programmes in Red Lodge, a small village in Suffolk, to […]

Decisions, Decisions… An Article by Luke Chadwick

We have decisions to make on a daily basis, in fact on a minute to minute basis a lot of the time, either consciously or subconsciously we’re forever making them. Some are quite simple and some are very hard. But regardless of the size of them we are forever making them, which is a good […]

Understanding Yourself – By Luke Chadwick

The most important relationship we ever build in life is with ourselves, having the understanding of ourselves is of paramount importance to make the most out of the journey of life. That’s a pretty deep start I know but let me embellish more about my journey, one that I’m still going on today! Growing up […]

The importance of Engagement! – An Insight from Luke Chadwick

The key to any football session is the engagement of those participating in it. I’ve taken part as a player and coach in thousands of sessions over the years and I of course remember many of them both good and bad. The good ones are those where I was fully engaged and enjoying myself, the […]

The right environment – An article by Luke Chadwick

Whatever we do, having the right environment to do it in is essential, the right environment is where you feel supported, it’s friendly, it’s enthusiastic, somewhere you enjoy being, you have trust in those around you and most importantly of all you feel safe. As a teenager I was fortunate enough to be exposed to […]

Falling in love with football – By Luke Chadwick

As a young child football was my first love, the first thing I ever fell in love with other than my family of course! From the age of 4 or 5 I would be out in the garden running round with the ball at my feet as much as I could, I loved the feeling […]