A Turkish Adventure – By Luke Chadwick

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Back in March team FFF packed its bags and went off on an exciting trip to Turkey, leaving the grey skies behind for some warm weather training! This wasn’t any sort of training, we were working in partnership with TUI Holiday Villahe to support the training of their fantastic staff in the ways and methods of the Football Fun Factory to further the experiences of their already brilliant football academies across 8 TUI Holiday Villages resorts across Europe and Africa.

It really was a brilliant experience to see what goes on behind the scenes and how much hard work that goes in to make the TUI holiday experience such a special one. As well as football coaches, there were dancers, entertainment staff and many other activities all planning and training for the start of the holiday season which is now very much up and running. It was plain to see how much dedication and passion all of these individuals had for what they were doing and working together as a team for it to all come together which married so much into our culture at the FFF.

Within the training we provided led by our inspiring co-founder and Head of Delivery Jonny Martin we worked with some truly outstanding coaches from all over Europe and what was plain to see from the start was the passion they had for both coaching football, but also making sure they added something special to the guests that were attending the resorts. There is something so special about football that can bring people from all over the world together with a shared love of the beautiful game. We had so much fun with the coaches sharing our knowledge and also learning so much from them.

One of the biggest learnings from the trip was how much detail goes into the work that TUI does to make sure everything runs smoothly and most importantly the guests have a wonderful holiday experience. And we’re all incredibly proud to have been part of that and for the time we were with them really felt like part of the team and endeavoured to offer as much value as we possibly could.

Partnerships like this are so important to the Football Fun Factory, to work with world renowned brands give us both the opportunity to learn and further grow our own footprint in different places around the world. And to think that children will be enjoying our sessions as far away as Egypt while on holiday is something very special! Our ultimate ambition is for the Football Fun Factory to positively affect kids all over the world and our latest work with TUI has allowed us to spread our wings a little further, which has only wept the appetite of how much more that can be achieved. There’s nothing we love more than children playing the game with a smile on their face, because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about!

Watch the video of our trip on YouTube below!

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