We’re going on a trip! – Looking ahead to our trip with Luke Chadwick

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Well maybe not quite as it is a work trip, but I’m still super excited as the FFF Head Office team are off to Spain this weekend for some warm weather training! It’s set to be a brilliant trip with a change of scenery to regroup, team build and in typical FFF style capture a huge amount of content. It’s been an extremely busy first four months of the year so I’m sure it will be a welcome break from the usual day to day activities to come back refreshed, revitalized ready for another extremely busy summer!

Since coming onboard with the Football Fun Factory I’ve been lucky enough to go on a number of trips away and always a pleasure spreading the word about the FFF wherever we go, we’re determined to grow our brand worldwide and this week’s adventure is another opportunity to do so. Sometimes I really have to pinch myself when I reflect on how far the orginisation has come in such a short space of time, just a few short years ago we all worked from home and meetings would take place in local hotels and garden centers! And today we have a team of over 90 Head Coaches and are going on an overseas trip to plan even further growth!

The first ‘overseas’ visit we ever made as a team was quite a short one, hopping on a ferry from Southampton to the Isle of Wight to attend the launch of our superstar Head Coach Danny Worboyes first football fun camp on the Island. It was such a thrill seeing the children having a wonderful time and quite surreal that it was so far away from where the business began in a small village in Suffolk called Red Lodge! It really showed that with passion, enthusiasm, and complete belief in what we are doing that if everyone pulls together we can achieve what is the most important thing to us that children anywhere can benefit from our programmes.

Since then we’ve visited Ireland and Turkey as well as numerous places around the Uk and what never ceases to amaze me is how many people know about the FFF, this is of course driven by a huge social media presence and a passion to tell anyone who wants to listen about our journey and although still a long way from where we’d like to get to, it does give us so much confidence that slowly but surely the awareness is growing and as importantly people like what we’re doing and agree with our ethos and values.

This has of course been driven by our co-founders James and Jonny who have done an astounding job in growing the brand, Jonny has also grown a huge following on social media and is certainly becoming a bit of a star wherever we go! I’ve lost count of how many times he gets recognized from people who follow his Instagram and TikTok accounts and it’s not uncommon for him to get asked for a selfie, this does make me a little jealous as many years ago it would have been me signing the autographs!!

In all seriousness though I’m so grateful to be part of the team and being to go away on these trips is a real bonus to everything else that we do, not only is it an opportunity to spread the word and grow our company it’s also so nice to spend time with the team all of which I consider friends and further develop strong relationships which is so important when you are part of a team. All of the team works so hard in there area of the business, I’ve already mentioned James and Jonny and all they do but that wouldn’t be possible without our tireless content team of Oli and Adam capturing and creating content, not forgetting Daz who has the hugely important role of franchise launch specialist supporting all our new Head Coaches getting there business off the ground. All incredibly hard working, fantastic people who I love spending time with.

Okay, that’s enough from me. I need to get packing my shorts, and Hawaiian shirts, not forgetting a hat to protect my bald head from the sun. But as I said at the outset it’s not a holiday…………… I promise!!

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