The team behind the team! – Luke Chadwick showcases the FFF Content Team!

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You probably don’t need me to tell you that the Football Fun Factory is hard to ignore on social media, we are all of it! The reason for this is because we want to share our journey and what we are all about because to be completely honest we think it’s pretty epic! I mean who doesn’t agree with children playing football in a pressure-free environment, learning valuable life skills and falling in love with the game we all adore!

We are incredibly grateful for all the incredible support we have received along the way from those who have followed our journey through our social media channels. Every single like, follow, comment and share is so appreciated and allowed us to grow our brand exponentially over the past four years. But to do that we of course have to make our content engaging, capturing people’s imagination to want to keep viewing and having an interest.

And what has allowed us to do that is without doubt our superstar content team of Oli and Adam. These guys are the team that sit behind the team creating incredible content on a daily basis and even making me look good (not an easy task!!)! Both these guys have been full-time members of the team at Football Fun Factory HQ for some time now and the impact they have made has been remarkable keeping our content fresh to continually grow our audience and shout from the rooftops about the FFF!


Having these two talented, creative superstars also allows us to support our superstar Head Coaches to incredible levels when joining our team, the media suite and content we provide our coaches with is quite literally worth tens of thousands of pounds as we endeavour to support them above and beyond to grow a thriving franchise in their local community.

We are so proud to have these guys on our team and you probably don’t hear about or see them enough as they are always on the other side of the camera!! But they are such a massive part of the Football Fun Factory as we continue on our quest to become the world’s leading children’s football coaching organisation.

In Oli and Adam we already believe we have world class content being created!

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