TGI Fridays – Friday’s at the FFF – By Luke Chadwick

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I absolutely love Friday’s I always have and am pretty sure I always will! As a footballer I used to love training on a Friday preparing for the next day’s game and then go to bed full of excitement in anticipation of running out on the pitch the next day! As a football coach I used to enjoy planning and picking my team for the next day’s fixture looking forward to pitting my wits tactically against the opposition. Now these days Friday’s are slightly different working from Football Fun Factory HQ and I love them more than ever.

Now every day at the FFF things are pretty full on and the offices are always a hub of activity with not much time to catch our breaths, and that’s what I love about the business we never stand still and there’s new projects to work on all the time. But Friday’s the day we can reflect on the week gone by and make sure all plans and projects are coming together, deadlines are being met and we’re ready to end the week on a high!

My Friday mornings are usually full of meetings with potential new Head Coaches guiding them through the Discovery Phase of our opportunities trying to give them as much information as possible to consider if becoming a Head Coach could be right for them. Our superstar launch specialist Darryl is usually busy on calls with those coaches going through the launch phase, planning business and supporting our newest recruits to an amazing level.

Oli and Adam will be filming and creating incredible content at super fast speed, documenting all that goes on throughout the business showcasing the FFF far and wide. And James and Jonny are leading from the front strategically planning the growth of the business guiding us to where we want to be as the world’s leading children’s football coaching orginisation. We still have a huge amount of work to do to get there and that is so motivating but I think I can safely say from everyone with our inspirational co-founders leading the way we have full confidence of getting there.

In the afternoon I have a filming slot in the studio with Oli or Adam recording social media and promotional videos to try and keep things fresh and appealing to our viewers. This can be a bit of a frustrating time for the guys as I’m certainly not a natural in front of the camera but I do like to think I’ve improved as time has gone on!! Then I jump on a Tik-Tok live for a bit of a question and answer which can be a lot of fun but I do get asked some quite outrageous questions at times which can be a little awkward.

And Friday usually finishes with a coach observation over at Sawston Village College, where James, Jonny and I welcome a coach to bring to an end the discovery phase of our opportunity as they deliver a session in front of us. It’s always a real pleasure welcoming passionate football coaches and giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent. We then make a joint decision of what the next steps will be on the journey of becoming a Head Coach.

And that’s a Friday at FFF HQ, they’re extremely full on and that’s exactly how we like it!

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