Being a Bang Average Footballer – By James Cutting

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Being an average footballer led to me creating of the Football Fun Factory. Almost every adult footballer has a story to tell about the knee injury that stopped them playing for England or the career cut short because it rained on the day of the trial! The facts are that almost all of us were simply not good enough.

In football, it’s more than okay not to be good enough! ‘Good enough’ in football is making it into the 0.012% of all young footballers that grow up to become a Premier League pro, so when the stats are stacked against you why should we all fret about making it to the top. If it happens, it happens and if not, let’s enjoy the ride?!

I was a pretty bang average football player. As a kid I wasn’t either big or quick and without one of those as an outstanding attribute I had basically no chance of making much progress in the game.

Despite this, I played for my school and grassroots team and I really enjoyed it. I made loads of great friends, many of which I am still close to or in touch with today.

As an average footballer I knew what it was like to play in a grassroots team with coaches who had very little knowledge. I look back at the training sessions and we did and they were pretty poor really. Despite this, I absolutely love them!

At our Football Fun Factory sessions we work hard to make sure that children’s experiences are better than mine were! There are very few occasions where each child does not have their own ball. Because of this, every child learns and develops at their own rate, making friends and having fun in the process.

Our experiences are for every young footballer, everywhere! From a young boy or girl who has never played before, through to a talented young player who is striving to improve. Whatever your talent level, football is a game that can enhance your life in so many ways.



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