An ever growing team – By Luke Chadwick

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It has been a crazy first few months of the year at the FFF and we’ve hardly had time to catch our breath! So far this year we have had 10 New Head Coaches join our team and are set to welcome another 10 in July and again in August and November! What we have always aimed to do at the FFF is breakdown barriers to entry and that’s the same with children joining our programmes and coaches coming onboard as Head Coaches.

It’s very obvious for any one who has tried to, that working full time in football is not an easy task, with so little opportunities available and so many people trying to get these roles a huge number of people miss out on fulfilling there ambition, and for those who do get those positions as I’ve spoken about before it’s often not what they were expecting and after a period of time realise it’s not for them. What we have tried to do within our business is give passionate coaches the opportunity to work full time in the game running their own business with full support and having autonomy on what can be achieved.

What is most rewarding when a Head Coach joins our team is that we know even more children around the Uk and Ireland will be able to enjoy our programmes, have positive, unique experiences and fall in love with the beautiful game! We have a bold and ambitious target at the Football Fun Factory to become the world’s leading football coaching orginisation, I don’t say that in an egotistical or arrogant way and of course we have got a long way to go in achieving this but we with ever new superstar Head Coach that joins us we get a little bit closer to achieving our goal and even more importantly more children have the opportunity to experience our programmes.

All the Head Coaches that have joined our team this year are fantastic football coaches but also wonderful human beings who have a true passion for having a positive impact on their local community and using football as the vehicle to develop positive life skills. And that’s exactly the same for all of our team and everyone that comes onboard in the future because without the right person leading the programmes it wouldn’t be right to deliver them. The key characteristics every football fun factory head coach has are passion, enthusiasm, energy and pride in what they do and to see these guys in action makes me so proud that they are part of our team.

The growth of our business has been exponential over the past four years but it could have been so much more if we had taken everyone that showed an interest but that wouldn’t be right, we have to be the right fit for each other. The strength of our brand now really supports initial attendance on our programmes which is great, but there’s only one reason children continue to attend and that’s our superstar Head Coaches who the children love and parents have trust in them not only delivering a fantastic football session but something that’s going to support their children develop life skills.

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