Head Coach FAQs


You are welcome to use any accountant. However, there are a number of benefits to using our recommended accountant.

Our recommended accountant offers a much lower rate than others offering the same service. The accountant charges a set fee for the year, rather than charging by the hour or a monthly fee. As your accounts are not due until 9 months after your full accounting year, it is also likely that you will not have to pay for the completition of your accounts in year 1 of your business operating. Our recommended accountant understands the business and has encountered almost every challenge that you may face by working with your Head Coach colleagues. This enables them to get back to you quickly with any queries and provide excellent service.

The HOW TO Guide for using Xero includes step by step instructions to using the platform, but it can be somewhat challenging to get used to. If you are finding it a challenge we recommend reaching out to one of your more established Head Coach colleagues to ask for their support. Beyond this, if you still require help you can reach out to your accountant who will be able to help and offering some training.

Please refer to the HOW TO – Manage Your Accounts guide, which explains the process in full.

If you decide to pay yourself via a small PAYE salary and dividends you may not pay any tax or National Insurance on your salary (depending on your circumstances) and 7.5% tax on dividends decalred after the first £2, 000. We recommend using this online calculator to estimate your tax – https://www.contractorcalculator.co.uk/maintemplate.aspx?PageKey=dividend_tax_calculator . You should also take advice from your accountant on your individual circumstances and how this may affect the tax that you pay.

You will not need to register for VAT unless your taxable turnover exceeds £85, 000 over a 12 month period. Follow think link for full information – https://www.gov.uk/vat-registration . Once you have read this, if you need more information then please reach out to the FFF Consultancy Team. You can also speak with your accountant about this matter.

Our recommended accountant offers a service to look after your payroll for a nominal annual fee. If you use another accountant you will need to ask them to run your payroll for you to be able to pay yourself a PAYE salary.

An employer PAYE reference number is given to every business that registers with HMRC as an employer. It is a unique set of letters and numbers used by HMRC to identify your firm. The reference number consists of two parts: a three-digit HMRC office number, and a reference number unique to your business. Once you have set up a payroll through your company your accountant will provide you with your PAYE reference number. You should make a note of this number as you may need it in the future.

When you incorporated your business you were sent your Unique Taxpayer Reference by post. If you cannot find this you will need to contact Companies House to have this sent out to you in the post. You can find more information here – https://www.gov.uk/find-lost-utr-number

Every company has to file and annual Confirmation Statement to confirm the details of their business are correct. You can do this very quickly and easily via the Webfiling service here – https://www.gov.uk/file-your-confirmation-statement-with-companies-house . This is a simple process, however if you decide to you can pay your accountant to file this for you.


15 (L) x 9 (W) Metres – This is slightly larger than the size of a badminton court.

3 (H) x 3 (W) Metres – You will need to ensure the ceiling height of the venues you use is more than 3 metres.

3 (H) x 4 (W) Metres – Your will need to ensure that the ceiling height of the venues you use is more than 3 metres.

Please refer to the videos listed on the Head Coach Community and follow the step by step instructions.

If you require any new air blowers/pumps, please contact your Business Development Consultant.

Yes, these are available via the Head Coach Shop – https://www.thefootballfunfactory.co.uk/headcoachshop (Password fff123)

These are available via the Head Coach Shop – https://www.thefootballfunfactory.co.uk/headcoachshop (Password fff123)

It is possible to use the inflatables outdoors, but you will need to consider a host of other health and safety implications and be prepared to cancel your event if there are high winds or inclement weather conditions. Please refer to the HOW TO – Use Your Inflatables Ourdoors guide.

As the inflatables are placed on sports hall floors which are often dusty/dirty and sometimes used outdoors, we recommend regular cleaning. You can use standard household cleaning products such as multi-purpose sprays and a cloth to wipe down your equipment. Ensure that the spray you use does not include bleach. Regular cleaning improves the appearance of your infltables and keeps hygeine levels high also.

Business Management

Please ignore this letter. You do not need to pay the data protection fee.

Please refer to the HOW TO – Build an Assistant Coaching Team guide.

We recommend £20 per hour for weekly sessions and £60 for a full school holiday day (09:00am to 3:30pm)

You can download the Blue Card graphic from the Head Coach Community and order the cards on Vistaprint – https://gallery.vistaprint.co.uk/en-gb/g/business-cards-standard?attributes=size_standard%20%2885%20x%2055%20mm%29&mpvid=standardBusinessCards

Yes. Please refer to the HOW TO – Build an Assistant Caoching Team guide.

Please contact your Business Development Consultant who will be happy to support you.

Brand & Marketing

It is possible to build a really succcessful business without the need to order printed flyers for your programmes. However, you may decide to order flyers to distribute in the local community.

All current flyers and poster templates are listed on the Head Coach Community.

You can order banners to display at your facilities online at the Head Coach Shop – https://www.thefootballfunfactory.co.uk/headcoachshop (Password fff123). If you wish to order any other types of signage, please contact your Brand & Marketing Consultant.


The FFF Consultancy Team will put you in touch with our insurer that has provided the FFF with a bespoke insurance policy.

Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance. Full details will be sent to you when you take out your policy.

For the purposes of insurance, it is a requirement to have Employers’ Liability Insurance as you are directing the Assistant Coaches in their duties.

Kit & Equipment

These are available via the Head Coach Shop – https://www.thefootballfunfactory.co.uk/headcoachshop (Password fff123)

Items ordered from the Head Coach Shop are typically delivered in 3-5 working days.

Social Media

We do not recommend running Facebook adverts as our tried and tested free methods of advertising work so well. Your Facebook is set up as a profile, not a page and adverts can only be run by Facebook Pages and not profiles.

During the Launch Phase you should liaise with the Franchise Launch Consultant and thereafter the Brand & Marketing Consultant.

The frequency of your social posts is outlined in the Business Operations Checklists and supporting HOW TO Guides.

The Social Media Content Tool provides hundreds of prompts, ideas and templates for your use.

Once you have registered for an experience your local Head Coach will email across full details of what your child will need to wear/bring.

The two best ways to improve your social media presence are to engage with our Brand & Marketing Consultant and to set up meetings with your Head Coach colleagues whose content you like.


You should issue your coach with a Self-Employed Coaches Agreement and put them in touch with Dave Caicedo to apply for the DBS certificate. You should also send them a link to join the Assistant Coach Community to complete their training.

Our recommended maximum number for a tots session is 15. If you feel you can accommodate more children than this per session please contact Jonny Martin.

2 years old. However you may decide to allow children a few months young to come a long to a free trial to see how they find it.

5 years old. However you may decide to allow 4 year olds to attend a free trial to see how they cope with the demands of the programme.

No, the programme is term-time only.

This is at your discretion. You may decide to offer a subsidised direct debit.

Your Camps should run from 09:00 AM until 3:30 PM.

Pricing & Payment

All prices must be set between the minimum and maximum prices outlined in the Operations Manual.

Yes, please refer to the HOW TO – Increase Your Direct Debit Rate guide.

Our sibling discount is 50%. This means that a second/third child is charged at half price.

Our definition of ‘siblings’ is two or more children that live in the same household.

Our standard rate is £25 per day, discounted to £20 when you book the full Camp. However, your location may affect the pricing of your Camps. The minimum and maximum Camp rates are detailed in the Operations Manual.

Yes, this is the same as the weekly programmes whereby a 2nd/3rd child attends half price.

You can create a bespoke price for a group booking (such as a team) and you can take payment by bank transfer. If you require help in pricing this, please reach out to your Business Development Consultant.

Unless your franchise is Ofsted registered, the stock answer to parents asking this question is: 

Unfortunately due to the high number of locations that Football Fun Factory operates, we are unable to accept childcare vouchers. We hope that your child is still able to attend.


Please refer to the HOW TO – Follow Covid-19 Protocol Guide which contains a template email to send to parents.

Full guidance is details in the HOW TO – Follow Covid-19 Protocol Guide.

Try to cover your sessions. Ideally another Head Coach can step in to support. Alternatively, one of your Assistant Coaches may be able to lead the sessions. Whoever covers your sessions, you should always send a courtesy email to parents ahead of the session to advise them of the change of coach.